Opportunities and volunteering

AGRO Cymru

Volunteer Leaders

AGRO has Volunteer Leader opportunities in both Anglesey and Gwynedd. They are appointed for each group and project to ensure consistency and continual presence whilst offering a training route for members to gain qualifications and confidence in running their own group.  Members will benefit from having guidance and support in running their own groups and to plan activities.

Volunteer Leaders are responsible for the weekly running of their allocated group or project. They will provide support to members in the organising of activities both within the group and extra activities for outside scheduled group times, such as on evenings and weekends. They are responsible for the general care of the venue while AGRO is using it to ensure it is left how it is found and everywhere is locked up as instructed by the venue holders. They are also an additional point of contact for new members interested in joining the group.

AGRO feels personal experience of addiction and recovery is important in the volunteer roles, this can be from a personal addiction, family member, close friend or previous work experience in the field. Good communication and people skills would be extremely beneficial and there must be an awareness of confidentiality. Welsh language skills are also highly desirable or a willingness to learn.

Volunteer leaders are responsible to the AGRO Co-ordinator who will also provide any support needed. An individual training and development program will be available to ensure the personal development and leadership skills of the Volunteer Leader to benefit the particular group or project.

Student Volunteering Bangor

Bangor Student VolunteeringAGRO has been working in partnership with SVB to provide volunteering opportunities for students who would benefit from the experience of working within a recovery environment. This will improve their employment prospects when they have graduated from the University and deepen their knowledge and understanding of addiction. They have the opportunity to meet people who have suffered the problems of addiction, both directly and indirectly, and discuss the benefits for support groups and recovery communities. The members benefit from this partnership by providing opportunities to integrate back into their own community and with the wider society.

The partnership works by providing opportunities for a group of 4 students to organise one activity every month for the AGRO members. This is decided in conjunction with the members and can be anything from quizzes to paintballing, the more imaginative the better!

Currently there is one of these projects running in Gwynedd, but it is set to be duplicated in Anglesey this academic year as it has been a great success for both parties. If you would be interested in applying for this opportunity or for further information please contact:

Helen Munro, Student Volunteering Manager, 01248 388021

Individual Volunteering Opportunities

AGRO promotes recovery through activity and believes everybody has an individual recovery journey. Therefore AGRO aims to provide a diverse range of activities to suit everyone’s interests, hobbies and intrigue to try new things. It aims to help people in recovery find new interests that can help fill the gap that their addiction left behind.

Being a member led organisation AGRO believes it is important to involve members in every aspect of running the organisation and this includes decisions on which activities to run and help in the co-ordination of making this happen. AGRO feels strongly about giving people the opportunity to use any skills they may possess for mutual aid within the groups and this can involve volunteering to run an individual project or activity.

AGRO also offers the opportunity for organisations, companies or individuals to run projects and activities with the members. This can be beneficial to both parties as people may want to gain experience working with different client groups, they may have experience with addiction and wish to help others in the same situation or they may be retired or unemployed and wish to give up some of their spare time to share their skills and knowledge with others.

If you are interested in getting involved details can be found on the contacts page.

If you’re interested in volunteering at AGRO Cymru, please download this Volunteer Leaders Person Specification document.